Charlie Sheen Was Strangled and Assaulted

Charlie Sheen Was Strangled and Assaulted by a Female Neighbor

It recently came to light that a female neighbor of American star Charlie Sheen (58) attacked and strangled him at his Malibu, California, home. On the 20th, the media house revealed that Charlie Sheen had been beaten, after the initial allegation of the incident by the news site TMZ.

The report was verified by a representative of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, who stated that after responding to a complaint at around 1 p.m., officers reported that Charlie Sheen had been the victim of both an attack and a burglary. Officials reported that though emergency services were called in, no one was hurt and no hospital treatment was being given.

A 47-year-old female neighbor was taken into custody on charges of trespassing and assault with a deadly weapon. Although Sheen informed police in an interview that he had previously had his car sprayed with sticky material and assumed the same individual was behind the attack, the purpose of the crime is still unknown.

The Woman, according to TMZ, knocked on Sheen’s door, broke in, tore off her clothing, and strangled her when he answered. The day before the incident, She harassed Sheen by tossing trash in front of his door. No statement was released by Sheen’s representatives.

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